As a Club, we try to cater for a variety of ages and levels of fitness and to have a good balance of tramps from easy to challenging – long and short.

Belonging to a Club not only opens the door to a whole new group of friends, but is also safer than tramping alone. Among our members there is a wealth of knowledge about tramping and the outdoors that we are willing to share.

You are welcome to join us on any of the trips listed on our Tramps & Activities Calendar if they are appropriate for your fitness level.  We regularly run trips which are easier and/or shorter and this is intended to give prospective members an opportunity to see what we are about. They are usually recognisable by their description but please phone and discuss this with the Trip Leader well beforehand.

Before you come on one of our outings please read About our Tramps so that you know where to meet and what to expect.

The list of What to Bring on trips may assist you and should be carefully read.  This is for your safety and that of the rest of the party.

Visitors are welcome to participate with us on occasional Saturday outings and Wednesday night walks as listed on the Calendar with good company assured. These are not official outings so no $5 fee is collected and they do not count towards the 3 trips required for membership.

After three official trips if you wish to continue tramping with us you must apply for Club membership. Please complete the Membership Application Form.  Once your application has been received & processed at the next Committee meeting you will be advised of what membership fee you are required to pay according to the Membership Fees guideline.