It is very important to keep your pack as light as possible but still have enough clothing to withstand snow, rain and wind especially if travelling above the bushline plus something to change into when you get to the hut and/or to sleep in.

Pack & Sleeping

Waterproof pack liner – suitable as a survival bag
Pack cover – optional
Sleeping bag
Sleeping bag liner – optional
Pillow or a stuff sack for making a pillow from your clothes
Thermarest or sleeping mat if camping or if huts may be busy


Boots – well broken in
Spare bootlaces
Socks plus 1 spare pair
Gaiters – optional protection from mud and snow
Light footwear for wearing in huts eg crocs
Shirt plus spare to sleep in
Personal underwear (plus pantyshields for women)
2-3 layers of polyprop or wool tops
Polyprop or wool long johns
Polarfleece or down jacket
Wool gloves or mittens
Balaclava or wool hat
Sunhat – a good brim also protects glasses from the rain
Water and windproof raincoat with hood
Over-trousers if travelling above the bushline
Light trousers – optional for protection from sandflies at hut


Bowl, cup and cutlery eg spork, (note that only spoon is essential)
Small sharp knife
Water bladder or bottle – 2L recommended
Walking pole – optional
Personal first aid kit – ( blisters!). Recommend carry in accessible pocket
Toilet Paper
Towel – 1-2 Chux cloths or small hand-towel recommended
Small soap / hand sanitizer
Small shampoo – optional
Small toothpaste, toothbrush and floss
Insect repellent
Headlamp or torch and spare batteries
Plastic bags – for rubbish, wet/dirty gear
Book, puzzles or games
Pen and paper
Matches or lighter
Ear plugs – optional
Insulation blanket – if travelling above the bushline or on a difficult trip

Group Equipment

Stove wind shield – if camping
Cooking fuel *
Billies (plus gripper) or pots
Dishwashing liquid and scrubber
Tents or flies
Topo maps
406 locator beacon
Mountain radio – for remote trips
GPS – for remote trips
Rope – for difficult trips

* If cooking largely dehydrated food in huts one gas canister will last 2 people 3-4 nights. You will need more if you are camping or have meals that require several minutes of boiling.