Day tramping trips

Day trips are held most Sundays. We normally meet outside the Glen Eden Post Shop in Glenmall Place, Glen Eden (map) at 8:30 am unless otherwise stated in the Tramps & Activities Calendar. From there we normally car pool with a donation being made to the volunteer driver to the value stated on the calendar.

Please arrive a few minutes prior to the scheduled departure time as there is paperwork to complete. Before we set out on any tramping trip, we record a list of participants and their next of kin details and leave it with a local contact.

When on the tramp, please follow any instructions provided by the leader and do not get ahead of the leader or behind the “tail end Charlie”. If you need to leave the track for any reason (eg toilet stop), inform another member of the party and leave you bag on side of track to indicate your whereabouts. In the unlikely event you become separated from your party you should stay where you are. If you have a whistle then use it. If you are struggling, do let the leader know.

There is sometimes a requirement for a certain level of physical fitness for maximum enjoyment. Our trips are graded from easy to difficult to give you an indication of what to expect. If you are new to tramping check with the person leading the trip as to its suitability for you. Club members get priority on trips with limited capacity.

Weekend tramping trips

We occasionally arrange away trips on weekends to explore further afield. Meeting arrangements are communicated by the trip leader to participants. Weekend trips do not leave from Glenmall.

Longer trips

From time to time we have trips of 1-2+ weeks. To date we have had hugely successful trips to the Australian outback, Canada and many excursions to the South Island.